Thanks for the lovely photo by  @sideprojectphotography

Thanks for the lovely photo by @sideprojectphotography

Haere mai ki The Warren, a community workshop in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Warren grew out of founder Tim Boyd’s desire to offer Aucklanders a welcoming community space in the city to learn new making skills.

Tim is a registered plumber, and had become increasingly frustrated with the wasted potential he saw in discarded building materials in overflowing skip bins. This passion for transforming and finding new value in used materials, along with an enthusiasm for pairing keen learners with people who have skills to share, is the foundation of The Warren.

The Warren offers classes enabling people to learn how to build things themselves, along with drop-in sessions where people can use the workshop independently.

In front of our workshop is The Warren Store, which stocks a revolving roster of handmade products, often made from recycled materials, by local craftspeople and designers.

The Warren is more than just classes and a room full of tools. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive space in which mistakes are okay and everyone feels welcome. We understand that when trying to make something for the first time, working alone can be daunting, so we set out to reduce the barriers by providing expertise and a well equipped workshop where beginners and experienced folk can safely create and share their skills.