Hand tools class

Classes at the warren

There are several options for accessing the workshop. We offer structured classes that take you through a project, with a focus on machine use and hand tools. More experienced users can book a bench to use the workshop independently. All independent users need to complete a workshop induction before they can access the space.

Woodworking is an excellent teambuilding activity: we run custom classes for work groups, or any group at all. Get in touch to discuss your options - info@thewarren.nz.



suitable for BEGINNERS

$75 per week for a four-week course, including full workshop induction. This hands-on class teaches you how to safely operate the essential machinery in a wood workshop. You'll learn how to select wood, mill wood to square, and gain confidence on major woodworking machines, including the mitre saw, jointer, thickness planer, disc sander, and router.

The aim of the game is to make a super solid laminated chopping board, made from reclaimed timber that we have salvaged from building skips and villa demolitions.

Woodworking with machines includes a full workshop induction, therefore attendees of this class are able to later use the machines without enrolling in a separate induction class.

What you will learn

  • General health and safety in the workshop

  • Measuring and marking out your project

  • Safe use of power tools including; table saw, thicknesser, planer/jointer, disc sander, router

  • Gluing and finishing techniques

6.30-8.30pm, Thursdays

Next four week course starts 18 July 2019
18 July, 25 July, 1 August, 8 August


BYO Woodworking Project

all levels of experience

So you know what you want to make, but you need a little help along the way? Bring your ideas, enthusiasm and timber along to this approachable, collaborative class. Our teacher will help you achieve your project from the planning stage to the final finishing.

In your first session, there is a workshop induction, and you will work with the teacher to design and plan your project. Students must bring their own timber and any other materials required to create their project, but we can advise you on what you'll need and where to get it in the first week.

Tuesdays, 6.30pm-8.30pm

Next four week course starts 23 May 2019:
21 May
28 May
4 June
11 June

$75 per week for a four week course.

Note: We have four slots available per session to ensure you get all the support you need from the teacher.


John Shaw series

All levels of experience

We are delighted to announce John is coming back for round two in August. There are five courses to choose from, including all you need to know about wood, making your own workbench and maintaining your machines.

Learn more, and book, all courses here.

John Shaw bw-01.png